Sweat With Tiona

Sweat With Tiona


Let this be the beginning of a great year. Get fit with Tiona! I will help create a plan that is fully customized to you as an individual no matter your current fitness level. Can't attend a gym? No problem, workout plans tailored to home workouts are still available. The plan should be delivered to you within 1-3 working days. A full 'how to guide' will be included for each exercise to make sure you understand how to perform the workout in a safe and efficient manner. 

The plan will be very results orientated and will help you achieve your goal and deliver you with your dream body. So why wait, lets begin! For a further 9.99 you can add a meal plan to your package, simply go on the packages page if you would like this. 

Once the package has been brought please email us directly with your name and the package you brought or simply fill out the 'contact us' form and we will send you a questionnaire alongside an email explaining how everything will work.

For any queries you may have before purchase or would prefer a different payment method please feel free to contact us.

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