4 week email package

4 week email package


  • Couples/workout-partner discount 20% off. Email tformfitness@gmail.com to take advantage of this deal
  • 24/7 trainer for 4 weeks
  • 24 hour email response guarantee to any questions you may have.
  • Weekly analysis and adjustments
  • Friend, coach and motivator
  • Weekly meal inspiration including pictures, recipe and nutritional information to try as part of a healthy balanced life style
  • Private client email
  • Workout plan (gym membership not necessary home workouts available)
  • Cardio plan
  • Diet/macro plan which includes your favourite foods.
  • Everything customised to your personal needs and wants
  • Includes an online consultation to build a plan for your specific needs.
  • Everything we do is backed with up to date scientific evidence so feel free to question our methods.


Once the package has been brought please email us directly with your name and the package you brought or simply fill out the 'contact us' form and we will send you a questionnaire alongside an email explaining how everything will work.

For any queries you may have before purchase or would prefer a different payment method please feel free to contact us.

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